Will Brown is a freelance journalist, researcher and photographer based in London. He has published in nine national and international outlets. His main areas of focus are development, human trafficking and women's rights. He also writes about culture and politics.

He started his journalistic career in Israel at the age of 17 interviewing politicians and activists on Israel's global standing for a student documentary. Since then he has published photos in Al Jazeera documenting New Delhi's waste crisis, reported on education issues in London and Manchester for The Times and The Telegraph, spoken on Sky News, reported on sex trafficking in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi for the Guardian's Modern-day slavery in focus project, Marie Claire, the Spectator, VICE News, and worked on a prospective project with the BBC to film the rescue of underage girls in Maharashtra. He has also written features and reports for various leading media outlets and taught for the British Council.

He holds a First Class Honours Degree in History (GPA 4.0) from the University of Manchester. In his final year, he focused on Women's Rights in Modern Indian Secularism. He is accredited by the UK's National Union of Journalists. 

willbrownjourno@gmail.com /  Twitter

Awards : Al Jazeera: Included in best photos of 2016 / Shoot the Frame's International Portrait Award, May 2017. 

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