Jammu & Kashmir, 2016

Jammu & Kashmir, 2016

Will Brown is the West Africa Correspondent for The Economist Newspaper based in Dakar, Senegal.  He is HEFAT trained and has reported in eleven countries.

He has done work for a dozen major outlets including The GuardianVICE News, Al Jazeera and the BBC, as well as spoken live on Sky News. He still writes occasionally for other titles. 

He has interviewed trafficked women in Asia’s largest red light district, freed slaves in Mauritania, post-Ebola healthcare workers in Sierra Leone, Chinese miners in Guinea, Gambian drug dealers, brothel busting spies in Mumbai, as well as President Alpha Conde, the head of the American military in Africa, and former British prime minister, Tony Blair.

Will was raised in South London. He started his journalism career at 17 when he enrolled on a journalistic summer school for state school pupils. He then won an award from The Times for a blog on youth protest movements in the Middle East.

He was trained in reporting by the Press Association in London and has a First Class degree in History from the University of Manchester. He specialised in women's rights and secularism in modern India.  He worked for the British Council in Uttar Pradesh before leaving his job to research sex trafficking networks in Delhi. He then turned to journalism full-time.

 In 2017 he was shortlisted for The Times' Richard Beeston Award for young foreign correspondents. He started working for The Economist shortly after. He can sometimes be found in Dakar, but most of the time he’s rushing around west Africa with his battered Moka pot and an unproductive amount of notebooks.